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Jessica Jazzman was born a human but never did that stop her form taking her dreams of being a creature of the sea to fruition. Even as a young child she knew one day she would live an extraordinary life. One afternoon when she was about 4 or 5 years of age her mother was painting around the top of her room with unicorn stencils. 

Jessica runs in with a blinding lightbulb-over-the-head idea and exclaims, "Mom! Wait! Instead of unicorns, we can take everything out of my room; we can cement the inside so it won't leak through the door or the window! Then we can fill it with sand and water, take out the trees from outside my window and people can watch me swimming from the sidewalk through the window! We can build an island for me to sleep on in the corner away from the window and build shelves in the closet to keep my stuff dry!"

Though Jessica's mother loved the idea, she let her down easy by explaining the work it would take. Jess understood but knew that one day, she would one day be able to perform for people in a similar way and as she grew up, she'd practice her mermaid ways. She'd strap her legs together and wear a sock on both feet to get used to having her legs bound while swimming not knowing that it'd give her the exact experience to make her instantly comfortable when she eventually earned her scales. 

When she turned 21, Jessica discovered that people were manufacturing realistic mermaid tails and just had to purchase one. She was floored that such things existed outside the world of Hollywood for the public. The moment the box arrived, it was shredded open and the painted-neoprene tail was instantly in the pool! Jessica spent hours in the water as her own dream come true.  

And Mermaid Ginger was born! 

After taking a few nice photos and posting them to social media, Ginger was scouted by a Hollywood agency type business that specialized in aquatic performers. After interviewing with the company, she was hired and instructed to purchase a realistic silicone mermaid tail. It was a major investment but since she was guaranteed work, Ginger made the leap and spent close to $3,000 on a beautiful full silicone mermaid tail and created the character, The Koi Queen TM. Seeing the childhood dreams coming to life, her mother pitched in a chunk of change to say congratulations on making the impossible, possible.

Ginger's new tail came near her 22nd birthday and that weekend she was starting to work her first birthday parties and corporate events as a professional mermaid performer; or what we in the mermaid community call a "merformer".

For the next couple years, Ginger would go to do things beyond even her wild mermaid dreams; entertain at a multitude of public and private events, be featured in popular mermaid YouTube series, magazine ads, TV,  meet an entire community of mermaid and fantasy performers, and perform not only across the United States but the world!

Ginger is now working as a brand ambassador/ product tester with one of the top mermaid tail manufacturers in the world, The Mertailor, and is starting to expand into the business side of mermaiding. She's looking to begin a new chapter and be able to bring awareness to the ocean by providing inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and earth friendly products to fit. 

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