What is a professional mermaid?

Professional Mermaids are specialty performers in which wear  fabric, latex, neoprene, or silicone mermaid tails and are hired for live or on-camera shoots, events or parties. 

What do mermaids do?

Mermaids have a unique career that allows each individual to use what is unique to them to expand on their business such as marine biology or prosthetic costume making.

Mermaid performers are typically trained in the theatrical arts or underwater skills and safety. To perform for aquatic centers and aquariums, CPR and Scuba certifications are required. 

Most high level professional mermaids are active in environmental studies and reaching out to raise awareness of local and global changes. 

How do i become a mermaid?

There are many ways to become a mermaid, professionally or even just as a hobbyist. The way most start out is simply learning to swim safely, then once confident in the water, purchasing a tail from any of the tail makers around the world, including Mermaid Ginger's Mermaidesque Line of professional grade fabric tails. 

why would i want to hire a mermaid?

Mermaids bring a special flair to parties and events that create magical and lasting memories time and time again!

where do you perform?

Mermaid Ginger performs all over the United States, mainly in California for all sorts of venues such as Theaters, Aquariums, Public Photo Booths and more. 

do Dry events cost less than in-water events?

Prices are based upon tail and time. 

where are you based and do you travel?

Mermaid Ginger is based in Grass Valley California and travels world-wide per request. 

is there a mermaid school?

Yes! Mermaid Ginger teaches Mermaid Classes for beginning to advanced swimmers looking to for the mermaid experience. 

are you insured incase something goes wrong?

Mermaid Ginger has Full Liability Insurance with

Specialty Insurance Angency

how do i buy a mermaid tail?

You can purchase a mermaid tail from many different makers around the world. If you are looking for a professional style fabric tail, look no further than MermaidGinger.com's Store

how will you make sure the birthday-boy/girl believes you are real?

Ginger Mermaid is practiced with answering many off the top questions your kids may throw at her. With years of children's events under her belt, she's ready to combat your little one's questions with quick, magical and quippy retorts!

Ask away, little curious minds!

can you walk in your tail? how do you get around?

In some fabric tails, Ginger does have the ability to 'walk' around but not yet does she have a "walkable tail" for dry events with full mobility. 

does chlorine damage your tail?

Yes, unfortunately chlorine damages fabric and silicone. 

You do not pay on top of your quoted price for upkeep fees.