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Shello and Welcome to Mermaid Ginger’s Aquatic Adventures!
Explore the world of Mermaiding through the eyes of a Real Live Mermaid in photos, videos, mer crafts and more!

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Follow me under the Sea!

Follow me under the Sea!

meet mermaid ginger,
The Koi

Have you ever sat by the water fantasizing about the mythical mermaids who dwell in the deep? What if you were told you could meet a real live singing siren!?
Meet Mermaid Ginger, the golden koi fish of the Pacific!
This freckled fish is available for all sorts of gatherings, such as children's birthday parties; corporate events, expos, river/ocean days, live art, circus, and much more!
When she’s not traveling in Florida or abroad, Ginger resides in Hollywood, California entertaining up and down the Golden State coastline.

what mermaiding is all about

Love, Kindness, Art, Expression, Respect, Compassion

Mermaid Ginger travels the world performing for events and expos bringing awareness to the Ocean Conservation movement. By helping people make simple changes in their every day life to ultimately help the world wide waste and pollution issues, she hopes her message will start to take hold in modern society. 

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Renault CAPTUR.